Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lord Faejin Seeks to Ferment Power

Constitutional Movement

A strong and healthy population is finding little reason to worry about survival now, as hunting near the river, now named the Kalin River, continues to be bountiful. As the population continues to grow, there is now a movement to for a Code of Laws and Rights for the average people.

Lord Faejin has expressed his opinion that Martial power should remain invested in one person, but that he is open to a constitutional monarchy otherwise. The leaders of the community, are being approached and opinions gathered on this issue.

New Defenders

Queen Phaedra and Lord Faejin have successfully raised a troop of Elven Defenders. Simple warriors who have trained with Elven Blowguns that the Riverwalkers learned to use, they are the current line of defense.

In the east however, a tribe of vicious goblinoids has been found. Lord Faejin has not released any information on what will be done concerning this.

Ocean Found

As predicted, a large, blue ocean was found in the west, discovered by following the river down-stream. The amount of land nearby is limited, as the only suitable coast is snuggled tightly between two sets of cliffs. Planners in the city have already stated that such a location would not only make for a prime place to put a dock, but would make the position extremely defensible.

Want to join?

Want to take part in this game as a citizen? Email me. I need talented people to participate in the very first Demo Game, and help me with a Mod Project I'm working on!

Want to write?

The chronicle is looking for new contributors. However, all 'pay' for contribution is made in 'game-currency' however, this can be used to buy adspace, or be used in game. Email me at the link above; subj should read: Contributor.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nia'elathain is Founded!

Elven Origin

Lady Arendel Phaedra, the Queen of the Seelie court, sensing the recession of the snows and blizzards to lands in the North, has instructed the Three Tribes to meet at the great Watchtower in the midst of the Elathain wood.

First came the River Walker Tribe from the North Woods, who brought with them, tales of humans, and human goods. Even more surprising, among their number were at three humans and at least as many half-elves, telling the story of what Elven Populations had to do during the age of Ice to survive.

Next came the Elathain Tribe, a band of some 40 or 50 strong, coming from deep in the demense of the Elathain wood. They travelled not alone, but with druids, among their number could be counted a few Faun and even a half-nymph or two.

The last tribe was that of the Heartfangs, a tribe coming from the mountains of the same name. Known as the most feral of the group, they were the fewest in number, and travelled with wild wolves which they used to hunt. Their adaptation to survive the age of Ice was the most challenging.

But, Queen Phaedra united the three tribes into one people, and she formed the city of Nia'elathain at the base of the ancient tower. Soon, one Elf Warlord, a hunter from the frozen stepes who travelled with the Heartfang Camp, Faejin, stepped into place to become the defacto leader of the Elves, until the Queen and her people had established a government.

Elven City

The city itself was founded on a hill. Almost immedietely a large herd of Deer was spotted outside of the city. Elven Hunters have begun to take from this herd sizeable amounts of meat for food, and hide for production. Some of these hides are traded, and a few bone necklaces have started appearing in the city merchant stalls, what few there are.

To the north, a river runs from east into the west. Lord Faejin is sure that following it westward will lead to a coast. Of this though, some of the river people have some doubts.

Game Notes

Okay, so the game has started today, after the ballot was closed and the Ljosfar declared winners. A smaller ballot was taken for city naming, and Nia'Elathain was chosen. I wove together a small back story behind this naming.

Currently no system of government is in place, and our first initial meeting will be to introduce all players to one another, and to begin work on a constitution.

So far, the only power that the Designated Player has, is the power to immedietely resolve 'events'. Given that you cannot save the game while an event is being posed. Indeed, the nature of events lends themselves to being the natural power of any executive body, though reporting on all 'events' is required.

The Regent for the game is Queen Phaedra, who is Spiritual and Creative. The game is set to Prince level difficulty. There are several sources of deer near by, a source of cows, and gems to the north.

I will be acting as 'Governor/Regent' until my title is solidified or I am replaced.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Advertising with the Chronicle

Another thing, no one has asked, but I'm sure it will come up.

"Can I advertise BLANK on your website?"

And yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can advertise with us, at the Chronicle. However, there is one caveat:

We will only accept the RP currency, under the conditions of the roleplay. And we will make sure to work with the game moderators to know that your account is of sufficient balance to buy advertising.

Are there limits to what can be advertised?

No, not really. If you have a related site, or even a personal site you would like to promote, we shall be glad to list you. A site directly associated with the game (say, a faux rp political party), is a definate.

What will we not allow? Spammy websites and pornographic/adult material of course. We reserve the right to reject your offers for any content that we consider offensive.

Innsmouth Chronicle

Welcome to the first issue of the Innsmouth Chronicle!

We, the pira...err...sailors of Lanun are some of the best information gatherers (as well as women, gold, and other assorted booty). So, we thought it might be a good and prudent investment to develope a newspaper to keep you thralls entertained!

This is the first posting of the Chronicle, the in-game newspaper for the new upcoming Civilization Democracy game to be hosted here.

The game will be a standard game of Civilization IV, which is a turn-based strategy game of empire and civilization building, with a few notable differences. Firstly, we will be playing as a team. Many players, called 'citizens', will rule the nation, though they may do so by elected official and proxy. At least one election will need to take place, to assign the 'designated player'.

This is a typical 'democracy' game variant. It lends itself to roleplaying, and we hope to foster that spirit, especially with the newspaper. However, we have a few key differences from your typical democracy game.

Firstly, we will be playing the Fall from Heaven Mod. Much respect and credit goes to the FFH team, as they did a terrific job with their mod. We further modify that mod, with the inclusion of the Orbis mod, which I feel brings alot of good new features and adds a sort of 'complete' feeling to the game.

Secondly, every citizen will also have a D&D character, as per the 3.5 edition of the game. Citizens who are enchanted, unconscious, dead, coerced, restrained, etc will not be able to vote. Thus, it is up to the citizens to also establish rules and law enforcement, if only to keep strong-arm thugs from taking control.

Sound like something your interested in? Email me: emperor@crimsonstarentertainment.com , for consideration!